Born: Napier, New Zealand, he is a self-taught practitioner of the art form, ‘Ta Moko’ (Maori Tattooing)

Growing up in NZ, he was always drawn to, the carved wharenui (big houses) adorned with hand crafted motifs and the rafters on the roof, patterned with intricate
designs. These very structures inspired him to learn more about who he is as a descendant of many creative Maori Artisans, postmodernism and the art form of Ta Moko (Maori Tattooing).

He has been educating himself, as well as, encouraged, guided and directed by mentors well versed and knowledgeable within this industry.

"I am humbled by the fact, that I still have much to learn, I stem from a culture that is intrinsic, and I have been created to be an artisian"